About Us

                     The seeds for a business that would quickly grow and manifest itself in the hearts of its clientele, were sowed in November 2018 as "Kattam" by Sooriya Kasirajh, a driven woman, a passionate creator, and a mompreneur, who built the foundations of Kattam in a day.
                      Initiated as a Facebook store, Kattam’s beautifully handcrafted and curated items sold out at an impressive rate and paved the way for an e-commerce venture which serves clients with a better, quicker and more personalized experience.
                     Juggling the duties of a mother and an entrepreneur, Sooriya Kasirajh, with her focused passion and due support from her family members, has molded Kattam into an establishment which has made its mark in reviving handicrafts to suit the modern lifestyle and curating the crème de la crème of imitation jewellery and handloom collection. Curating these products at an affordable price while still maintaining the quality is a challenge we look forward to every day.
                     A range of products including sarees, handmade jewelry, and palm leaf handicrafts are now available on the website, along with handmade wire bags and lunch baskets.
                     As a company which believes in growing together and improving the lives of those who we meet, we have made sure that a part of the sales helps facilitate the education of our weaver’s offspring's and their basic requirements.
Welcome to Kattam Family!!!

Mail Us: shopkattam@gmail.com