Wholesale and Return Gifts

For Wholesale Enquiry of Imitation Jewellery and Clutches 
Whatsapp to 7871986807
With almost half a year gone by, we are here to host the most favourite festive season of the year 2022'

There are going to be back to back festivals at our homes and we are sure each of you are going to celebrate it beautifully in your own way.

We are all excitedly set to help you with the return gifts of your choice.

KATTAM deals in a large range of products that would suit your needs and you could absolutely curate them basis your quantity, budget and liking.

Say for an instance, if someone is looking for "a pair of bangles and a pack of bindis", we would pack them in a cute potli pouch or a bag and get it sorted for you.

Our whatsapp is open for conversations over this and we could come up with something interesting that you would love to gift your guests this season!
Whatsapp to 7871986807