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      Latest Guttapusalu designs that you will love

      Latest Guttapusalu designs that you will love

      Originated from Coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh, Gutta Pusalu has captivated many with its classic piece of design. Gattu means “Bunch” and Pusalu Means “Beads”, this jewellery is so named because it is fringed with bunches of small pearls. The designs of Guttapusalu are alluring and look glamorous with traditional wear and are perfect for any occasion of weddings.

      Let’s have a look at the latest exquisite Guttapusalu Necklace and Haram designs from House of Kattam.

      Guttapusalu Short Necklace

      Traditional Guttapusalu Short Necklace is ethnically designed with half moon and flower motifs. Clusters of Pearl drop give a majestic look to the design. The matching pairs of Earrings complete the look and make it perfect for any wedding event.

      Guttapusalu Set


      Ruby Green Guttapusalu Haram Set

      The long ruby green Haram set features colourful stones, flower motifs and pearl beads. The Matching Chandbali earrings add desirability to the set.

      Guttapusalu Necklace


      Single -Line Kemp Pearl Choker Set

      Single line Kemp Choker Set is studded with red and green stones and the pearl drops add beauty to the set. Delicate design by the house of kattam is appealing and is a must to have in your jewellery collection.

      Choker Guttapusalu Set

      For the trending Guttapusalu Imiattaion Jewellery you must see this https://bit.ly/2Gm1kMo

      Choker Style That Fits Every Occasion

      Ethnic Collection is never out of trend and one such Jewellery collection is Choker Necklace. Stone, Temple, Oxidized, are eternal choker designs that give you vast opportunity for styling. 

      The versatile and marvel design of Choker Set designed by House of Kattam is sure to turn heads and keep you in limelight. 

      Multilayer Handmade Bead AD Stone Choker Necklace

      Supreme and Premium Choker has Best quality bead, and is hand crafted with multi layered bead chain. Economically priced this fabulous design is must to have in your jewellery collection.




      Peacock Choker Necklace Set

      Temple Jewellery is latest trend that had caught of attention of many and its extraordinary fusion of style and ethnicity makes everyone beguile. Traditional Peacock set is skillfully designed with red and green stone embedded in Matt finish golden finish Choker. 

      Golden Choker


      Kemp Choker Necklace Set

      Evergreen Kemp Choker is aesthetically designed to suit every pocket. Stone embedded and pearl drops give design a fusion of fashion and ethnicity. This evergreen choker is must to be in your jewellery collection.



      Choose your style for this festive season ,Checkout  https://bit.ly/30jprT5

      How to Take Care of your Fashion Jewellery

      How to Take Care of your Fashion Jewellery


      * Always Jewellery should be the last to be worn & taken off first after. 

      * Avoid contact with sunscreen, makeup, perfume and hairspray. 
      * After use, keep your jewellery in a clean and dry to keep it tarnish free. 
      * To clean, use a soft cloth/cotton to remove any sweat or dirt's. No harsh cleaning agents required. 

      jewellery care and maintenance

      * Keep your Jewellery secured in a plastic box free from moisture. Never use a velvet jewellery box or cloth pouch. 

      * Caring and proper storing of your jewelry will keep it looking great for years!


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